Disney is a part of every aspect of my life. It’s been a part of me since I was a little kid. My father visited Disneyland in 1955 with his family and continued to visit frequently throughout his youth. He continued the tradition when he had kids and took us to southern California at least once but usually two or three times per year.  He is an avid Disney historian and fan. To say his love for the parks and all things Disney rubbed off on me as a youth would be a huge understatement.


By age 8 I was helping my dad plan Disney Vacations. Disneyland had a program that toured malls throughout America showcasing what was happening in the parks. At one particular show they had a model of Splash Mountain which was under construction as part of the new Critter Country in Disneyland. I spent the next year helping plan all aspects of the trip to be there when the attraction opened. I still have the T-Shirt to prove I was there. After that I was planning the next trip to be there for the 35th Anniversary and see the Party Gras Parade. Soon we were planning to be in Florida for the opening of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at MGM Studios. And the trips kept coming. By age 16 I was helping friends and family plan their in park itineraries. Helping others have a great memorable experiences has been a huge passion and hobby of mine for almost 20 years.


Now married with 2 kids the traditions and legacy continue. When I met my wife, Aileen, she had only been to Disney World once and had never been a Disney Fan. She had never done Disney my way. She is now just as excited and passionate about Disney as I am. She even let me move my family cross country to let my childhood dream come true of being a Walt Disney Cast Member! My two girls Kyrie and Ally, ages 8 and 6, have been able to easily navigate all parks on both coasts for years.


I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with you for your next trip! As a self-proclaimed expert on Disney Parks coast to coast as well as all other aspects of Disney history, film, business and hospitality, I can help you and your family plan and experience your most magical and memorable Disney vacation yet!


Call me at (801)-859-2344 to get the most out of your next Disney experience.




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