FullSizeRenderI instantly fell in love with Disney from the time I stepped onto Main Street, USA in 2004 on my senior trip with my Mom.  I still cherish all the moments we got to experience on that magical Mother/Daughter trip.  Since then I have traveled back to Disney World with my husband twice prior to having children.  We got to experience a different side of Disney World on those trips.  We also realized this would be one of our family vacation spots after we had children.  We went back to Disney World in 2012 when our oldest son was 2 years old, and I fell in love with it all over again from seeing the pure excitement and joy on my son’s face.  We traveled again in February 2015 with both of our sons (4 and 4 months at the time), and realized this will be an every year event for us.


I have always been one to plan everything down to the minute.  This is no exception when traveling to Disney World.  My friends and family have seen and heard about our trips on multiple occasions.  They have since asked me for help in planning their trips.  I have done Disney World with no plans at all, dining reservations, or help.  That has only happened one time because I felt like we were not able to accomplish as much as we wanted to.  That is why I have found such a love in helping others plan their trips so they can get as much magic out if it as possible.  This is what has lead me to JK Mouse Travel and the desire to help other’s plan their trips.  I look forward to helping you plan your next vacation and making all your MAGICAL memories happen.



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