Jennifer Hartman

I consider one of the best things about having children is being able to see the world through their eyes. It seems like when you are young all you want to do is grow up. And once you are grown up, you want to be young again. I believe Walt Disney opened up a world for adults of any age to be a kid again! I love the feeling that I get when I am driving through the gates of Walt Disney World in Orlando. Every single time I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I love it when I am working with a client helping them plan their vacation and they say to me “This may sound crazy, but I think I am more excited about this trip than my children!”. Nope, that doesn’t sound crazy at all, because I totally get it!


Over the years my husband Brian and I have taken our kids to Disney on several occasions, and each one of them holds priceless, special moments in our hearts. From the first time my little princess met her favorite Disney princess and saw Cinderella’s Castle to my son meeting THE Lightening McQueen. Those are magical moments that will never be forgotten.


I am extremely blessed to be a Disney vacation planner with JK Mouse Travel and assist other families in planning their Disney vacations. With my passion and knowledge for all things Disney I know that I will be able to provide unmatched services to each and every client. My goal as your Disney vacation planner is to meet and exceed your expectations and help you create wonderful memories for your family too. I hope you will allow me to help make your Disney dreams come true and bring out the “kid” in you!

Please contact me at (615) 480-9682


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