piper 2My love for Disney didn’t start until I was an adult. When I went for the first time it rained everyday! That didn’t stop my love for it! I may have been miserable at the time but we had an amazing time. Over the years we have learned the ins and outs of Disney World. But we still learn something new and see something new every time we visit. We have taken several day trips here and there. And once I had my first daughter I couldn’t wait to take her! We waited until she was about 18 months old to take her.


That was love at first sight seeing it thru her eyes. Something is certainly magical about it! We just took the kids again this time oldest was 3 and a 1/2 and the youngest was 18 months. So much fun to enjoy taking the kids and seeing the magic thru their eyes.


My girls love everything Disney. My oldest says her address is Epcot! My youngest tries to climb out of the stroller when we walk past the Disney store at the mall! They sit and look at the maps and say when are we going back! If it was up to me we would be there tomorrow! But in the meantime I’m excited to plan our next trip! And I can’t wait until I can plan yours and hear your magical memories and see pictures!


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